Works In Development


View from amphitheater towards Federation Square – night persona

View from ampitheatre towards Federation Square – day persona

View of  Trigorithm from stairs towards Federation Square

View of  Trigorithm from the Amphitheater towards Flinders Street

View of  Trigorithm from the Amphitheater towards Flinders Street

Trigorithm Site Plan

Trigorithm Overview
This proposed interactive multimedia art installation ‘trigorithm’ is being nominated to the Australia Council for selection in the ‘Digital Culture Fund’ arts grant. The proposal is an interactive art installation to be located in the ampitheatre at Federation Square. The piece consists a series of networked, a larger sculptural pod and a pallete of multimedia outputs. The nodes are interfaces for the public to manipulate the palette multimedia outputs that emanate from the pod.

Trigorithm is a conceptual project that is an extension of the metaphor created by the digital technologies we are working with, geosensor networks. A geosensor network is devised of a number of micro-computers equipped with an array of sensors, wirelessly connected, that can be embedded in constructed and natural environments. A geosensor is a technology that can both input data and output a trigger. Geosensor networks are a decentralized network that communicate and respond to each other. This in itself references the way humans interact and collaborate in digital online communities.
Perspective visualisations produced in collaboration with Shinil Kil –

Examples of Kynan Robinson’s (proposed sound artist for Trigorithm) previous work


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