Who We Are

Comprising of 4 Melbourne based artists Michelle Robinson, Kynan Robinson and Lani Fender and Zvi Belling. Four friends whose lives weaved in and around each other naturally leading to creating a life that is always slightly askew. Individually they have made 10 dramatically different music albums and performed on countless others, drawn a million miniatures men on canvas, dj’ed silent and solo, played festivals in every corner of the world, designed skyscrapers, wrote and performed techno operas, VJ-ed for experienta waste, designed phone apps, created ethereal photographs… andeverythinginbetween… but it is the inspiration, support and drive that they give to each other that fuels the creative act that is the collective, and always pushes the artwork to places that are almost impossible to individually imagine.

The strength of andeverythinginbetween lies in our multidisciplinary skills rooted in architecture, sound art,  installation, photography, sculpture, performance, music, lighting and video, combined with our dedication to producing a body of work which explores ideas of phenomenology and dynamic morphology, playing with time shifting, perception, memory, emotional triggers and responses. We are interested in the individuals’ act of perceiving and acting specifically within a mediated and automated world. We assist individuals to identify their role in those constructions and recognise their ability to respond to these, by devising constructions of their own. We can influence that which influences us. Our work is of an inquisitive, interactive, explorative nature and the viewer/participant is able to negotiate and re-evaluate the environments that are provided for them.

Sometimes our work is rule based, sometimes its improvised, sometimes its emotive, sometimes its boring, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes its surprising, sometimes it’s both all of those things and none of them.


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