Other Things We’ve Worked On

date: 2010
exhibition: sweet streets festival
location: melbourne
piece: nearfield
description: nearfield, an urban canopy, identifies a chance opportunity within an existing topography to stitch two disparate elements – a native eucalypt and a pedestrian overpass – together to form a new intrinsic relationship between the two. In doing this, a marginal space is transformed into a celebrated place where what was merely a transient passage is now a spatial destination. the topographical remapping of the space subverts the viewers understanding and preconceptions by injecting a new reading and experience into a ‘forgotten space’. from ground level, the pedestrian encounters an environment of suggested spatial boundaries, which as they proceed up the spiralling ramp, transform from an insinuated canopy into a shifting ground plain that extends from the spiralling ramp to the tree. the roof is the ground, the ground is the roof. Collaborating artists: Anne-Sophie Poirier, Tom Robertson and Tjeerd van der Vliet.

description: city of melbourne commission – involved in the production team for artist alexander knox.
location: cnr bourke and swanston st melbourne
work: maxims of behaviour; 1030m2 kinetic light work. 1st prize melbourne prize for urban sculpture

date: 2010
exhibition:  the escalators
description: created for use in the show “inspired by the work of david lynch” performed by the escalators in melbourne, sydney and brisbane

01 Log Lady by Kynan Robinson

date: 2009
exhibition: decoration + design expo – ‘sampling the future’
location: melbourne
piece: libre pod
description: a collaboration between lani fender, zvi belling, australian composites & the specialty group, the ‘libre-pod’ both a library and a lounge, is a pod for the ponderer. the casing is a light cured resin impregnated fibre-glass.




date: 2001
exhibition: experimenta arts festival
location: melbourne
piece: waste
description: 160m2 six panel live projection installation on the victorian arts centre. a series of live and sampled video feeds ran to several VJs who interpreted the feeds, demonstrating highly contrasting manifestations of same medium with the same reference footage. at calculated moments the 6 panels synched and then the artists would diverge. this piece was in collaboration with lucien fender of ambient visuals

date: 2005
exhibition: international architecture biennale
location: australian pavillion, rotterdam, netherlands
piece: walkabout
description: walkabout is a proposed pedestrian trail that meanders around the perimetre of kumurangk (hindmarsh) island, with a series of follies denoting sites of spiritual importance to the local indigenous people, focussing on revegetation and human dehabitation.

date: 2010
exhibition: gertrude street projection festival
location: melbourne
piece: me you us
description: 1 minute public video installation

filmclip of the song dynamite by Des Peres created by Michelle Robinson and Kynan Robinson.
music by kynan Robinson and michelle robinson

filmclip of the song i like london in the rain by Des Peres created by Michelle Robinson and Kynan Robinson.
music by kynan Robinson and michelle robinson


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